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Wb Social Bar

Wb Social Bar

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This Shopify section, named "Wb Social Bar," is designed to create a customizable social media bar on your website. It allows you to enable or disable links to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Users can specify the URLs for each enabled platform, directing visitors to the corresponding social media profiles.

The section's settings include checkboxes to enable or disable each social media platform individually, and input fields for providing the associated URLs. This flexibility allows you to tailor the social bar to your specific needs, displaying only the platforms that are relevant to your website.

The visual representation of the social bar includes icons for each social media platform, styled with Font Awesome, and the bar is designed to be responsive and visually engaging. The styles for the social blocks, icons, and their hover effects are defined in the accompanying CSS.

Overall, this section provides a straightforward way to integrate a sleek and customizable social media bar into your Shopify website, enhancing its social presence and encouraging user engagement across various platforms.

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