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This Shopify section named "WB Marquee" is designed to add a dynamic and visually engaging marquee element to your online store. The section allows for easy customization of various visual aspects, providing users with the flexibility to tailor the marquee to fit their store's design seamlessly.

Key Features:
Background Color:
Users can choose a custom background color for the marquee section to complement their overall store design. The default is set to black (#000000), but this can be easily adjusted to match any color scheme.

Font Color:
Customize the color of the text within the marquee to ensure visibility and alignment with the store's branding. The default font color is set to a vibrant yellow-green (#E3FE56), but users can modify it to suit their preferences.

The section provides options to adjust the top and bottom padding, allowing users to control the spacing around the marquee. This ensures proper alignment within different sections of the store. The default padding values are set at 36 pixels, and users can fine-tune these according to their layout preferences.

Marquee Text:
The core of this section is the marquee block, enabling users to input custom text that will scroll horizontally within the marquee. In the provided example, the default text is set to "Shopify," but users can easily replace it with their own desired text or promotional messages.

Preset Configuration:
The section includes a preset named "WB Marquee" categorized under "HOME." This preset simplifies the process for users who want a quick setup. It comes pre-configured with the default marquee block settings, and users can further customize it based on their needs.
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