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There are a number of website builders that use artificial intelligence (AI) to help users create and design websites. Some examples include:

  1. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) – Wix is a popular website builder that uses AI to create custom website designs based on user input.
  2. The Grid – This AI-powered website builder claims to use machine learning to design and maintain a website, with the goal of making the process of building a website more automated and efficient.
  3. Adobe Sensei – Adobe’s AI and machine learning platform is used in a number of their products, including the Adobe Portfolio website builder for photographers, artists, and other creative professionals.
  4. Duda – Duda is a website builder that uses AI to help users create custom website designs, as well as optimize their sites for mobile devices.
  5. Webflow – This website builder uses AI to help users design and customize their websites with a visual editor, while also providing tools for SEO, e-commerce, and other features.

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